Vacillate flow wrapping machine

Model 450¡B590¡B800

finished product
finished product
The vacillate flow wrapping machine is our new design product. The design level is far ahead in our country. Several famous daily manufacturers have applied the machine and the effect is perfect. The machine can reduce the bag length , beautify product appearance and receive high opinion.

Product characters¡G
¡¤Japanese PLC control system has electric CAM to flexibly adjust end sealers¡¦ tangential velocity.
¡¤Three servo motors provide power and high running accuracy.
¡¤Banner film mark sensor can detect mark. This can make sure that the tracking of machine is very reliable and reduce rejection rate.
¡¤Colorful HMI, bag length, speed and temperature can adjustment separately.
¡¤Four thermal couple control module, PID control and heat rapidly.  Sealers¡¦ temperature can be controller precisely.
¡¤Cutting-resistance safety on-off device is set for preventing the damage of packed goods.
¡¤Add the waste material recovery device for ensuring the packaging is mostly beautiful. Ensure that end seal and long seal is H type after shrinking.
¡¤Adopt vacillate mechanism. This is suitable for higher package and can reduce the bag length. 
¡¤Code drawer or code painter are attached, no need of manual work.
¡¤Chain scraper conveyor is used, no movement or overturn happened while sending the material.
¡¤Auto & high speed finish bag making and seal.
¡¤According to different film, choose NO-MARK/MARK.

Suitable for solid packages , such as foods(instant noodle, bread, hamburger, ice cream)¡Bdaily use (soap, napkin), mechanical parts (bearing) and so on.

Special recommendation
The vacillate packaging machine can be designed for higher packages. The bag length can be reduced than pillow flow wrapping machine. The product appearance is more compact and beautiful.

Technology parameters

Model ZHA-800S
Speed 10-80P/Min
Package length 100-500mm
Package width 50-300mm
Package height 10-170mm
Max film width 800mm
Total power 8KW
Machine weight 1400kg
Machine size (L)6200mm x (W)1400mm x (H)1700mm
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